My Story is a weekly 25 minute programme that sheds light on the lives of remarkable personalities in society; people who have brought about change; stood up to injustice; challenged the status quo; been through a tough court battle, or simply have a unique inspiring story to share with the public.

The series as a whole seeks to cover various social and political issues that are under-represented in mainstream media, and present these issues through personal testimony in a documentary format.

Already we have featured Mohammed Abdul-Kahar, whose house was raided in 2006 in the famous 'Forest Gate' raiding; Charlie Veitch, an investment banker turned anarchist whose activism includes hugging police officers as a means to social cohesion and positive change. The story of Gordon Thomas, an espionage/intelligence writer is less adventurous but very insightful for understanding his delicate but symbiotic relationship with spying agencies all over the world. Our fourth programme is about Mohamed Al-Ghabra, who was convicted of terrorism and imprisoned for several years before being given a trial and found not guilty.