Our Corporate films seek to inspire and entice audiences, making your brand, business or idea stand out amongst the crowd.

Eid Mubarak

A video greeting card for Aparat Media's Muslim friends and colleagues during the holy month of Ramadan...

Abbey Laundry Services

Our first corporate film brings the smell of fresh laundry right to your screen, promoting Abbey’s laundry services. Simple and sweet.

Buscando una Respuesta places citizens as protagonists. Their voices allow an understanding of what is really going on outside the political sphere. We always try to be impartial and endeavour to offer a different perspective on issues that have no place within the media system. The people on the streets of Spain and Latin America provide a wide range of opinions but, more importantly, a look into what the citizens of these regions think about current political and social affairs.

Discover the challenges and benevolence of the Islamic faith through the individual stories of those who have chosen to convert.

Anisa Kissoon

In this edition of the show we talk to Anisa Kissoon about her journey to Islam. 

Watch full programme here.

A Simple Question is a programme that gives a voice to ordinary Londoners as well as experts, questioning issues that appear to be simple. But are they really?

The programme gives a concise round-up of views from people of different walks of life regarding issues that affect the lives of ordinary people. Topics covered ranging from politics, elections and economy, to security issues, energy, poverty and society...

Is the UK Politically Isolated?

David Cameron's decision to veto the EU treaty has sparked immense controversy in the UK, sending the coalition government into stark opposition. Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has stated that the UK would lose its foothold in the world and become "irrelevant, isolated and marginalized".

It may not come as a surprise if Britain loses its influence over EU negotiating processes but what about Britain's relationships with the rest of the world? Are these relationships healthy and flourishing? Is Britain getting isolated from more than just Europe and is it losing its grip as a world power? Watch full programme here.

Britain's Arms Deal in the Middle East

British government is planning to arm more repressive regimes with its weapons, as it is to send arms trade missions to Middle East and African countries in 2012 to secure more contracts. Watch full programme here.

Who Profits from the Olympics?

The 2012 London Olympics are being hailed as the “Peoples’ Games”, promising to regenerate some of the most impoverished areas of London with employment and new housing, as well as reviving the UK’s shattered economy at large. Watch full programme here.

My Story is a weekly 25 minute programme that sheds light on the lives of remarkable personalities in society; people who have brought about change; stood up to injustice; challenged the status quo; been through a tough court battle, or simply have a unique inspiring story to share with the public.

The series as a whole seeks to cover various social and political issues that are under-represented in mainstream media, and present these issues through personal testimony in a documentary format.

Already we have featured Mohammed Abdul-Kahar, whose house was raided in 2006 in the famous 'Forest Gate' raiding; Charlie Veitch, an investment banker turned anarchist whose activism includes hugging police officers as a means to social cohesion and positive change. The story of Gordon Thomas, an espionage/intelligence writer is less adventurous but very insightful for understanding his delicate but symbiotic relationship with spying agencies all over the world. Our fourth programme is about Mohamed Al-Ghabra, who was convicted of terrorism and imprisoned for several years before being given a trial and found not guilty.