Video Production
For Inspirational, Creative and Effective Content.
We produce documentaries, TV shows, news packages, corporate videos and offer social media services for international channels and a variety of businesses.


Production Services
Aparat offers a comprehensive range of production services, from early development to post-production.
Video Editing
We offer fast and high quality editing services with Final Cut Pro X.
Event Filming
We offer live streaming and 4K + HD filming services for any event.
Social Media Services
We have a experienced team of social media experts who have run specialised campaigns for celebrities, politicians and clients abroad.
Commercial Services
Our creative team strives to deliver a captivating video to represent your company at a reasonable price.
We make a variety of thought-provoking documentaries on sociopolitical issues, both in the U.K and around the world.
Corporate Video
Our corporate films seek to inspire and entice audiences, making your brand, business or idea stand out amongst the crowd.
Promotional video
Get ahead of the competition, hook your audience and boost awareness for your brand, big or small.